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ICC Web-Based Training Services

Train When you Want, the Way you Want
ICC Web-Based Training V3 Technology relies on fully interactive presentations and rich media learning content including Audio and Video streamed content with robust data storeage and processing

ICC Web-Based Training V3 utilizes a combination of technologies to achieve a robust, scalable, entertaining training package. Macromedia Flash combined with DHTML and backed by Microsoft SQL Server Database provides the foundation on which this course is based.

ICC Web-Based Training V3 is delivered through a scalable high performance, secure network.

ICC co-locates its Web-Based Training production servers at Globix's data center in Santa Clara, California through Intermedia.net. Intermedia.NET's facility is redundantly (multiple Gigabit Ethernet connections) connected to two major backbones - Level3 and Globix both of which are peering with hundreds of other networks worldwide giving you high performance and security and a 99.5% uptime guarantee.

We use "state of the art" Pentium 4 and Xeon servers by major manufacturers with 1 GB or more of RAM, 36 GB or more of mirrored (RAID1) disk space running Windows 2003 operating systems.

ICC Web-Based Training Custom Content
Most organizations already have their safety policies and / or procedures in a computer-based format such as Microsoft Word, which can be converted to ICC Web-Based Training format and added to the core course with little effort. Assuming that we started from here, ICC's first move would be to break this material down into short, easily-presented units. Quizzes can be modified to include new questions developed for the custom learning material. Page content can be inserted at any logical point within the course chapters..Features such as summaries, glossaries and checklists would be inserted or modified as needed. Graphics and/or multimedia (animations, sound, video etc.) would be added or improved as appropriate. In certain areas we can professionally critique your program and add original content as necessary.

The cost of this content development is a one-time expense. Some of the multimedia work can be done by your organization or we can do it all for you. Either way, once the content is established there would be relatively minor expenses to maintain it. One would only need to make minor updates when a policy changed or perhaps review the content once a year. Contact us for more information.

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